Most of TikTok’s viral challenges are stupid, but these new ones are just plain bad for you.

TikTok’s latest viral challenge, appropriately being called the Skullbreaker, has parents, school authorities and doctors worried. This bizarre challenge, also called tripping jump, has been taken up by several students across Europe and South America. We are yet to see a video from India, but we don’t want to speak too soon.

The challenge got its name from the Spanish word Rompcráneos. When translated, it means ‘Skullbreaker’ in English.

Many school students have taken this challenge and filmed themselves doing so. Some even ended up in intensive care after taking the challenge, according to a Mirror report.

So what is this challenge all about?

In this painful and nasty challenge, three people stand side by side. The person in the middle jumps high while those on the sides kick the jumper’s legs just when he is about to land. This results in the jumpe landing on the ground hard on his butt and in many cases flat on the back with chances of severe head injury.

Schoolgirls in Mexico also used the arms of a sweater to trip their classmate as seen on one of the TikTok videos.

Several European schools have issued warnings and advisories to create awareness about this challenge.

Doctors have said that this prank can lead to serious fractures. In a free fall, doctors warn, there are chances of fracturing the knee, ankle, hip and other joint and there are also chances of ligament tear. If you are very unlucky, you might also end up hitting your head, splitting your skull or getting a concussion.

These TikTok videos have also started being circulated on WhatsApp so the dangers of this stupidity spreading further are high. However, as most people would point out, most of TikTok’s viral challenges have been stupid and dangerous.

Lately, the Outlet challenge (that involves slipping a penny between a partially plugged in smartphone charger and the electrical socket to cause bright sparks and scorched electrics), the Bright Eye challenge (this is supposedly a way to give yourself lighter coloured eyes. You’re instructed to take jelly, hand sanitiser, bleach and shaving cream, pop it all into a Ziploc bag, and hold it to your eyes for a minute an d then your eyes change to a lighter colour) and the Flash challenge (that has people shining flashlights straight into their eyes) have been doing the rounds.

While the Outlet challenge can lead to electrocution and far worse, like fires thanks to short circuit, the bright eye challenge and the flash challenge can cause irreparable damage to your eyes. Imagine if the ziplock bag leaked or if the flash light was so powerful that it damages your retina.

TikTok users, if you are reading this, these challenges are not worth it. Trust us.

Courtesy Hindustan times