NEW DELHI: The fact-finding committee at Delhi University’s Gargi College has found that several women students faced various degrees of harassment on February 6 during the college’s annual fest. While the committee is yet to submit its report and is scheduled to conduct more meetings next week, several members of the committee said they have recorded testimonies of students highlighting the harassment.

“From flashing to groping to even instances of money being thrown at students, the students faced varying degrees of harassment. It was terrible to even sit through these testimonies and hear their ordeal,” said a thirdyear undergraduate student, who is a member of the committee, which comprises teachers and students.

While the report was scheduled to be submitted on Saturday, members said it would take more time since the findings they have collected so far was huge. “Students can directly talk to the committee member from their department or fill online forms. The general questionnaire has received over 2,000 responses. We have also received around 600 responses that feature testimonies of sexual harassment, security breaches, and accounts of gender-bias,” said Aneeta Rajendran, convener of the committee, who is also a professor of English at the college.

“During their testimonies, students talked about various kinds of simultaneous harassment they faced. For example, somebody made nasty comments while touching them inappropriately without their consent or even looking at them in an objectionable manner and throwing something at them,” Rajendran added.

Concerns over intermittent mobile network in the area and “lack of eyes” on the “poorly-lit” Siri Fort road outside college were also raised during student testimonies. The committee also plans to recommend holding gender sensitisation sessions to “ensure students are not gaslighted” and security measures for future events in the college.

Principal Promila Kumar said the college was “proud” of its students for stepping forward and reporting the incidents. “It is an independent committee and they are getting responses from teachers, students,” she added.

A Delhi police official said, “We have arrested 14 people but there is no evidence of molestation against any of them since the victims are yet to record their statements.”

Courtesy Hindustan times