HYDERABAD: A 20-year-old student was allegedly killed by her parents at Shantinagar in Jogulamba-Gadwal district to protect the family’s honour after they discovered that she was pregnant. They tried to pass it off as a natural death, but their plan fell flat after police investigation established that it was a murder on Monday.
The girl, Divya, who was from a trading community, fell in love with a man belonging to Other Backward Castes (OBC) while pursuing degree in Kurnool in Andhra Pradesh.

On Monday, police altered the case to murder and arrested Divya’s parents Bhaskar Shetty and Veeramma and sent them to judicial custody.
Parents refused to share details with cops
On Saturday, Divya’s parents took her to hospital after she missed her period. During medical examination, doctors discovered she was pregnant. When parents questioned Divya, she disclosed that she was in love with one Bhaskar Naidu from Kurnool. Divya was pursuing graduation in Kurnool and met Naidu there, Shantinagar police said.
“Divya’s parents forced her to undergo abortion on Saturday. Initially, she agreed, but after going to hospital she refused and returned home,” Shantinagar sub-inspector Sri Hari told TOI. Around 2am on Sunday, Shetty and his wife decided to kill Divya as they felt her pregnancy would scar their family’s reputation. “Veeramma smothered Divya with pillow, while Shetty throttled her to death,” police said.

SEE ALL In the morning, they told neighbours that Divya had passed away after suffering a heart attack. Some village elders raised suspicion and alerted police. When police enquired, the parents refused to share details and tried to play it down as a natural death and asked them not to interfere. They also did not want any post-mortem. Suspecting foul play, Divya’s body was shifted for post-mortem, where forensic experts confirmed that she was throttled to death.
The couple confessed that they killed Divya as they were upset that she not only fell in love with a low caste person, but also became pregnant.

Courtesy Times of India