Pregnant women will be given spiritual music therapy, Veda therapy ,meditation therapy, and worship therapy so that the baby can be nurtured in the womb, a govt spokesperson said

The Yogi Adityanath-led Uttar Pradesh government has decided to adopt RSS-sponsored ‘Garbh Sanskar’ scheme under which pregnant women will be given ‘spiritual therapy’ so that the child is born with Hindu ‘sanskars’.

The beginning has been made in BHU, Varanasi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s constituency, where the pregnant women would be exposed to the ‘Garbh Sanskar Therapy’ in the Ayurvedic department of the state-run hospital.

This will help the unborn child to instil Indian traditions, cultures, and knowledge, a government spokesman said in Lucknow on Tuesday.

Under this ‘unique therapy’, pregnant women will be given spiritual music therapy, Veda therapy, meditation therapy, and worship therapy so that the baby can be nurtured in the womb, he said.

Medical Superintendent of Sir Sunderlal Hospital of BHU, Dr SK Mathur said, “This activity of ‘Garbh Sanskar’, in Ayurveda, has been performed since long but modern hospitals have discontinued this practice. But now we have started this initiative of ‘Garbh Sanskar Therapy’ which will help in the development of the baby’s brain and also strengthen the bond between the mother and child”.

He said that according to science, it is believed that babies’ mental and behavioural development starts right from the time a mother gets pregnant.

The Ayurvedic practice ‘Garbh Sanskar’ claims to provide proper nourishment during pregnancy so that healthy mental growth could be provided to the unborn child.

Dr. Sunita Suman, Maternity Department, Ayurveda, said that under this scheme, the pregnant women are being asked to listen to sacred music, read Vedas and perform spiritual activities such as pujas and meditation. “We also advise them to eat nutrient-rich food and stay fit so that the baby is delivered healthy,” she said.

Ashok Sinha, a RSS pracharak in Lucknow said that it is to be believed that a child starts learning about the outer world even when in a mother’s womb. “Remember Hindu epic Mahabharata, there was a warrior Abhimanyu (Arjuna’s son) who is said to have learned the war skills when he was in Subhadra’s (Lord Krishna’s sister) womb. He used to listen to the ‘Chakarvyuh’ planning that Krishna narrated to his sister. Abhimanyu learned the entire plan but could never obtain the technique of coming out of the Chakravyuh because by that time his mother fell asleep,” he said.

Courtesy National Herald