Riya Sharma

Central Reserve Police Force’s (CRPF) all-women bikers’ contingent will mark its debut at the Republic Day Parade

After the all-women contingent of the Assam Rifles made their debut at the Republic Day Parade last year, this year, the spotlight is on the all-women bikers’ contingent of the CRPF that’s making its first appearance at the parade. The much-awaited event will also have the first woman parade adjutant – Tania Shergill. With barely a few days left for the Republic Day, the members of CRPF Women Daredevils are occupied with their rigorous practice session. Before the 65-member team rides down the Rajpath on their bikes, they make sure that the road is clear. And as they start their practise, there are loud cheers and many selfie-seekers.

‘My VIP salute has to be perfect’
Though it has not been an easy task for the team, one thing that all of them followed since the beginning was that they won”t give up. Seema Nag, 36, who will be leading the group, says, “It is a very big opportunity for us and we will definitely make everyone proud,” adding, “I will be doing the VIP salute as I am leading the group. While doing stunts on bike, we keep a lot of things in mind. Keeping a track of our starting and end point is important. I want my VIP salute to be perfect. While doing that, I will have to balance the bike and its speed. We are not supposed to exceed 25-30kmph. So whenever I am riding a bike otherwise as well, I make sure that my speed does not exceed this limit.” Sangeeta Mishra, 45, who would be riding a ladder during the act, says her kids will be proud of her when they see her on TV. “In 2014, I did my first show and since then I have been performing stunts with the group. I am climbing a 7ft ladder and upar jaake mount hoti hoon. My body and brain need to work together so that I don’t panic and lose my balance. My family feels proud when they see me. My daughter says that there is nobody like her mother and my son says that he would like to write a book on me. All this is really precious for me,” she shares.

 ‘We work on two things – focus and trust’
The team says that they work on two things – focus and trust. Sujata Goswami, 47, has been riding bikes since she was in college. “For the R-Day Parade, you will see me riding a bike with five other members. For our stunt, balancing is really important. Once I attain the balance, I ask others to take their position. While practising, we started with two members, then we added two more and then the final one on top. Ladkiyon mein josh tha karne kaWoh giri bhi hain, chot bhi lagi hai par jab hum uniform pehen lete hain toh ek alag si proud feeling aa jati hai,” she explains.

Benci V, 24, who has recently joined the group, will be seen balancing on an iron rod on the bike. She says, “I took three to four days to do this act because I was taught everything during my training. I only focus on reaching the top by balancing during the stunt. My family can’t believe that I can to do a stunt like this and they are proud of me.”

Courtesy TOI