Jilukara Srinivas

This is what Swamulu Solapogula is. He is a great inspiration. He lost his parents in an accident over Krishna River at his childhood. He was the only survival in the boat accident. He was joined in a residential school as an orphan. He had no home to go in the summer holidays and festive vacations. So he decided to go the playground and run for whole day. He won many state and national level gold medals in his school days. Nobody was there to feed him in his intermediate study. So he worked as a daily wage labour of building work. He use to do the manual lifting of sand and cement to many floors as a whole work for a fixed amount. He use to finish it in a couple of hours.

Dalith Champion Swamulu Solapogula

All this happens between 10am to 2pm. From the work place he starts his running and walking to the practising ground where his coach is about to reach on his time. Again he starts his practice till 9 pm in the night. His coach says bye to him. He leaves the ground but he doesn’t know where to go and sleep because he has no home. So he use to sleep on the pavements of the road. Again in the morning at 4am he is ready for the practice. I learnt all his story from his mouth. He never speak of it in a pathetic mind and in a panic tone. He speaks of them with whole lot of confidence and with unbelievable self-respect. He is the Dalit by caste but he is an athlete by his thirst and ambition and profession. He achieved a great level of honour commanding from his contemporary athletes and his Bahujan movement lovers.

My dear brave brother, Swamulu, wish you a happy birthday and many more happy returns of the day. Jai Bhim.